If you have a CRM integration configured for your account, you can manually specify a form to be used on each individual doc. This will be used instead of the default Turtl form and any other custom CRM forms that may have been configured in your account.

1. Navigate to the Settings page for your Doc

Click the down arrow next to the Edit button for your doc and click Settings:

2. Select the Forms tab and specify the URL for your form

There are three form URLs you can specify:

  1. Default Form URL - This URL will be used for both Immerse and back cover forms unless the back cover form URL is also set.

  2. Cover Form URL - This URL can be used to add a form on the very first Surf page of your content. Readers will not be able to read or navigate past the first page without entering their details.

  3. Back cover form URL - This can be used to set a different form for the back cover. If this is left blank, the form set as Form URL will be used on the back cover.

Find out more on enabling the form in your immerse sections or back cover here.

Note: please make sure your form is properly configured for use with Turtl by following our guides:

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