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Enabling lead capture forms
Enabling lead capture forms
Learn how native and 3rd party lead capture forms can be enabled
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You can use lead capture forms in your content to allow readers to sign-up and hear more from you. These can either be enabled to gate immerse content or you can choose to enable it on the back page of your Doc.

Turtl provides a native form which allows for name and email capture but you are also able to replace this with 3rd-party forms. The following settings apply to both use-cases.

Using forms to gate content

You can enable forms to gate one or more chapters of Immerse content. Once enabled, your reader will need to complete their details in order to keep reading. Generally, allowing the reader to access a couple of Immerse levels before using the gate is more likely to result in your reader signing up. You also have the option to allow the reader to dismiss the form without providing their details.

Enabling the gated form

Choose the chapter(s) where you would like to gate your content and click on the Immerse tab. 

Enable the lead capture form using the toggle 'sign-up shown'. Your readers will now need to complete the form to continue reading this Immerse section.

Note: You will need to turn on the lead capture form for all of the chapters that you want to gate. This allows you to be very targeted in the form use.

Using forms that can be dismissed

If you would like to give your readers the option to dismiss the lead capture form and continue reading without providing their details, toggle 'sign-up optional' on.

Using optional forms on the back page

You can enable a lead capture form on the back page of your Doc to
encourage your readers to sign-up and hear more from you in the future.

Enable the form using the toggle 'sign-up form' when editing the back page. 

Customising the form

The native Turtl form can be replaced with a 3rd-party form. Check other services we support here.

Viewing the sign-ups

You can view the details of those readers who provided their details (sign-ups) within the known readers section of the Turtl analytics dashboard. Or, if you have a CRM integration, you will be able to view the sign-ups in your CRM.

If you are utilising individualised analytics you will be able to use the Reader Dashboard to find out more about your sign-ups and how they interacted with your content, such as the number of reads, shares and average read time. 

Viewing forms on PDF Downloads

When you download a PDF of your Turtl Doc any gated pages will be hidden by default. In its place it will show the following message:

To show the gated content on the PDF, you would first need to fill in the form anywhere on the Doc and this will enable all hidden content to be shown.

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