Embedding a Salesforce form

Learn how to capture sign-ups directly into Salesforce from Turtl

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You can replace Turtl’s native lead capture form with a Salesforce form. For this to work, you’ll first need to configure the Salesforce form so that it’s compatible with Turtl. This document will take you through each step of the process.

1. Create your form

Begin by creating a new Web-to-lead form in Salesforce as follows. In Setup, navigate to Feature Settings > Marketing > Web-to-lead and click the Create Web-to-Lead Form button:

On the next page, set the fields you wish to capture and enter the below into the Return URL field:


Then click the Generate button. You will be presented with a form script as below:

2. Embed your form

You can insert the form script from the previous step into our Lead form generator.

Upload the HTML file to your server. The URL to this file, for example: https://assets.turtl.co/customer-assets/tenant=team/salesforce_template.html, will then be inserted into Turtl as described in step 3.

If you have not done this or are not able to host such a page, please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@turtl.co.

3. Tell Turtl where to use your form

With your form complete, you can now tell Turtl where you want to display it by following the steps here.

Note: If this is the first time your company has added a form to Turtl it will not have styling applied. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@turtl.co once your form has been added to a Turtl Doc and we will be able to get it styled for you.

Additional Note: Turtl is unable to capture leads from Salesforce forms. Readers will be displayed as unknown in the known reader section of your Turtl Analytics Dashboard.

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