Embedding an Act-On form

Learn how to capture sign-ups directly into Act-On from your Turtl Docs

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In this article, we'll walk through replacing Turtl's native lead capture form with an Act-On form, which will allow you to capture sign-ups from your Turtl Docs straight into Act-On. Let's get started!

Note: Setting up a Act-On Integration will allow you to share data between Act-On and Turtl, as well as access individual reader insights via the known reader dashboard. In this dashboard, your leads will appear in the known readers section.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you would like to add this integration, as this may come at an additional cost.

Your embedded form will still work without this integration, however your leads will only be located in Act-On.

1. Create and save your Act-On form.

2. Under "Response Page", select “Rich text” from the redirect drop-down menu.

3. Select "Embed" and click on “New Landing page”. You'll now be taken to the landing page section.

4. Select the "Design" tab and click "Edit Javascript" from the settings menu on the right-hand side.

5. Paste in the Turtl script below. Then, save and close your form.

<script src="https://app-static.turtl.co/forms/turtl.forms.acton.v1.js"></script> 

6. Under the left-hand menu, select "Landing Pages". Choose your landing page from the list and select “Get Public URLs” from the drop-down menu.

7. Copy the form's public URL.

This is the URL where your form is hosted. We'll use this URL to embed the form into your Turtl Docs next.

8. In Turtl, open the settings for your chosen Doc. Under the "Forms" tab, paste the form URL into your chosen field.

  1. Default form URL - This URL will be used for both Immerse and back cover forms unless the back cover form URL is also set.

  2. Cover form URL - This URL can be used to add a form on the very first Surf page of your content. Readers will not be able to read or navigate past the first page without entering their details.

  3. Back cover form URL - This can be used to set a different form for the back cover. If this is left blank, the form set as "Default form URL" will be used on the back cover.

9. All done!

Note: If this is the first time you're adding a form to a Turtl Doc, it will need to be styled by our team to match the rest of your Doc. Once you've added your form, please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@turtl.co and we'll get it styled for you.

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