Embedding a Dotdigital form

Learn how to capture sign-ups directly into Dotdigital from Turtl

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Turtl supports embedding Dotdigital (formerly Dotmailer) forms in place of the native Turtl lead capture form. For this to work correctly, the Dotdigital forms themselves need to be configured to ensure they will render and behave correctly in Turtl. This article steps you through that process.

Note: Leads captured from your embedded Dotdigital form will only be located in Dotdigital. Turtl is unable to capture leads from Dotdigital forms and leads will be displayed as unknown in the known reader section of your Turtl Analytics Dashboard.

In order for Turtl to work with Dotdigital forms you need to add small snippets of code in two places:

1. Form HTML

Navigate to the Utilities tab while in the Dotdigital form builder. Select "Edit Source" and paste the following code immediately before the closing </head> tag in the HTML code of your form page.

<script src="https://app-static.turtl.co/forms/turtl.forms.dotmailer.v1.js"></script>

2. "Thank you" page

Paste the following code immediately before the closing </head> tag in the HTML code of your "Thank you" page.

<script data-ttl-form-mode="complete" src="https://app-static.turtl.co/forms/turtl.forms.dotmailer.v1.js"></script>

3. Add it to your doc

Once your form is hosted on a blank page of your website, you will be able to take the URL of the page and paste it into the forms tab in the Doc settings.

Note: If this is the first time you've added a form to Turtl it may not match the styles of your theme. Send it over to support@turtl.co and we'll get it tested and styled within Turtl for you.

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