Embedding a Gravity Form

Learn how to capture sign-ups directly into Gravity Forms from Turtl

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Turtl supports embedding Gravity Forms in place of Turtl' native lead capture form. This enables inputs from the embedded Gravity form to be monitored within WordPress.

Please note that the leads from the form will NOT be visible in Turtl, only in WordPress.

To do this, Turtl needs both a snippet of code to be placed in your form (in order to apply the correct styling) and know which form you wish to use.

Here's how it works:

1. Create a "thank you" page

This page will be used to confirm the form submission and will only be displayed when a reader completes a form on your Turtl Doc.

  • Go to WordPress admin > Pages > Add New.

  • Create a simple blank page (without any headers, footers, menus, etc.)

  • Write a thank you message in the body of the page

  • Add the code below anywhere on your page within the ‘Code editor’ (you can switch to code editor by clicking on ‘Options’ / three dot menu in the top right corner).

<script data-ttl-form-mode="complete" type="text/javascript" src="https://app-static.turtl.co/forms/turtl.forms.gravity.v1.js"></script> 

2. Create a Gravity form

  • Go to WP administration > Forms > New form to create a form according to your preferences.

  • While still in the editor of your form, go to Settings > Confirmations and edit the Default confirmation:

  • Select ‘Page’ as Confirmation Type

  • Select the thank you page you made in step 1 from the dropdown

  • Input ‘id={entry_id}’ into ‘Pass Field Data via Query String’ field (you don’t need to input your actual id number, as the latter will be passed via query string)

3. Create a landing page

Create a page that only contains your form. There is no need to add styles or formatting as this will be done by Turtl to keep your form consistent with your content.

  • Go to WP admin > Pages > Add New.

  • Create a simple blank page (without any headers, footers, menus, etc.)

  • Add text of your choice in the body, e.g. Subscribe to our newsletter

  • Add the Gravity form you created in step 2.

  • Go to Code editor mode and add the following:

<script data-ttl-form-mode="embed" type="text/javascript" src="https://app-static.turtl.co/forms/turtl.forms.gravity.v1.js"></script> 
  • Save and publish the page

4. Copy the URL of the landing page

5. Tell Turtl about your form

  • Navigate to the main Docs listing page and choose "Settings" for the Doc you wish to use the form on:

  • On the Settings page, choose the "Forms" tab:

  • Paste in the URL you copied in step 4 above into the desired form URL field.

There are three form URLs you can specify:

  1. Default Form URL - This URL will be used for both Immerse and back cover forms unless the back cover form URL is also set.

  2. Cover Form URL - This URL can be used to add a form on the very first Surf page of your content. Readers will not be able to read or navigate past the first page without entering their details.

  3. Back cover form URL - This can be used to set a different form for the back cover. If this is left blank, the form set as Form URL will be used on the back cover.

Note: If this is the first time your company has added a form to Turtl it will not have styling applied. Please contact your CSM or support@turtl.co once your form has been added to a Doc and we will style it for you.

Additional Note: Turtl is unable to capture leads from Gravity forms. Readers will be displayed as unknown in the known reader section of your Turtl Analytics Dashboard.

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