Embedding a ClickDimensions form

Learn how to capture sign-ups directly into ClickDimensions from Turtl

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Turtl supports embedding ClickDimensions forms in place of the native Turtl lead capture form. All Turtl needs is a little bit of information about your form. This article will take you through each of the steps:

Note: Leads captured from your embedded ClickDimensions form will only be located in ClickDimensions. Turtl is unable to capture leads from ClickDimensions forms and leads will be displayed as unknown in the known reader section of your Turtl Analytics Dashboard.

1. Create your form and find the embed URL

Create your form as usual then set the redirect to another page by clicking the “Confirmation Text” button.

Set the Post Redirect field to:

Adding a captcha field on the form may cause form submission issues. We suggest removing/not having the captcha field on the form. Sadly the captcha field is there by default.

Click the OK button and then click the "Embed" button in the top menu.

In the popup that appears, click the "EMBED AS LINK" button to find the embed URL.

2. Find your Account Name ID, Page ID and Region

To embed a Click Dimensions form into a Turtl Doc, you need 3 pieces of information:

  • Account Name,

  • Page Id and

  • Region

The account name and page id can be found in your embed code as shown below. The account name will follow the "/" after the domain name. The page id follows after “pages” and before “.html” extension.

In the example above these are:

Account Name: turtlco-pr3mn

Page ID: Page ID: ius9ai3jodppy1y

Then make a note of your region from the list below:

  • us: US Data Center

  • eu: EU Data Center

  • ca: CAN Data Center

  • au: AU Data Center

If you are unsure which region to use, please check this with your IT department.

3. Create your form URL

Create your form URL by replacing accountName, pageId and region, in bold below, with the values you found in the previous step:


For example, with our previous embed code above this would be:


4. Tell Turtl about your form

Navigate to the main Turtl Docs listing page and choose "Settings" for the Turtl Doc you wish to add your form to:

On the Settings page, choose the "Forms" tab:

There are three form URLs you can specify:

  1. Default Form URL - This URL will be used for both Immerse and back cover forms unless the back cover form URL is also set.

  2. Cover Form URL - This URL can be used to add a form on the very first surf page of your content. Readers will not be able to read or navigate past the first page without entering their details.

  3. Back cover form URL - This can be used to set a different form for the back cover. If this is left blank, the form set as Default Form URL will be used on the back cover.

Note: If this is the first time your company has added a form to Turtl it will not have styling applied. Please contact your Customer Success Manager or support@turtl.co once your form has been added to a Turtl Doc and we will be able to get it styled for you.

Additional Note: Turtl is unable to capture leads from ClickDimensions forms. Readers will be displayed as unknown in the known reader section of your Turtl Analytics Dashboard.

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