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How to embed a form by an unlisted provider
How to embed a form by an unlisted provider
How to embed an unspecified form into your Turtl Docs
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If your form provider isn’t a CRM, or you can’t find the form type you want to embed on our list, you can use our generic form walk-through to get set up.

Step 1: Check your form requirements

If you want to use a form provider that Turtl doesn’t currently offer, your form must meet the following requirements:

  • It can be embedded via iFrame

  • It can be served over HTTPS

  • It can redirect to a custom location after successful submission

  • It can have custom JS script applied to it

Step 2: Add code snippets to your form

Navigate to form you want to embed, and include the following code snippet:

<script src=""

On your form’s confirmation page, include the following code snippet:

<script src=""

This snippet is the same but with an updated ‘form-mode’ since the form has been completed on the confirmation page. We’ll look at further options for these snippets below.

Alternative code snippets

Apart from data-ttl-form-mode, there are several ways you can update your code snippet to change your form:

  • data-ttl-form-mode: embed/complete
    For this line of code, add “embed” when script is placed to landing page - or “complete” when script is placed to confirmation/thank-you page

  • data-ttl-form-strip-styles: true/false
    For this line of code, add “true” to remove - or “false” to keep - default form styles.

  • data-ttl-form-inject-styles: true/false
    For this line of code, add “true” to inject Turtl styles from a brand theme

  • data-ttl-form-provider: name of the form
    For this line, add the name of the form provider. This is required to show where sign-ups are coming from, and allows a brand theme to assign styles for that form provider.

Note: Turtl is unable to capture leads from generic forms. Readers will be displayed as unknown in the known reader section of your Turtl Analytics Dashboard.

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