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How do I remove the Read on button on a Surf page?

Click on 'Edit' and navigate to the 'Immerse' tab, then toggle off the 'Immerse enabled' option.

How do I remove social sharing icons? How do I update social sharing links?

You can remove social sharing logos in the Doc toolbar and the Back cover page in Doc settings.

To remove social sharing icons on all Docs in the team, navigate to your team’s ‘Settings’ -> ‘Sharing and Social’ tab. This is also a place where you can update your social sharing links to something else.

Disable the social account(s) or update the links and click ‘Save’.

To disable sharing icons on the Quote widget, please follow this article.

To disable sharing icons on the Poll widget, please follow this article.

Where to find poll results?

You can find poll results in the 'Interactions' section of the Doc analytics dashboard, along with the number of clicks (votes).

If the votes are public, they will be seen as % on the poll widget after submitting a vote.

How do I add a second logo to my cover page?

Some brand themes come with an option to add a second logo via the Theme creator, for others, you would need to request a theme tweak by contacting support or your customer success manager. Please note this may come at an additional charge.

Additionally, you can easily add a second logo to your personalized content. For accounts with personalization enabled, you can add your customer's logo via a logo component in the personalization form builder.

How do I adjust line spacing?

​The line spacing is restricted due to Turtl’s native baseline grid of 26 lines in horizontal orientation. This is a feature we've built into our Product to ensure that all Turtl Docs are easy to read online.

For example, we can change the spacing between the heading and the subheading with the number of grid lines. In the Standard brand theme, we have 0.5 lines of space below the Mid heading and 1 line of space below the Large heading.

For custom themes, this can be fine-tuned upon request.

I would like to edit my theme via the Theme Creator tool, but I can't achieve that

The Theme Creator tool is currently available to a limited number of customers. If you’re interested in setting this up on your account, contact your CSM or

Moreover, only Admins and Global admins within your team will have access to this feature. You can check who on your team has these privileges on the 'Users' screen.

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