Use the Turtl Doc dashboard to find out more about one of your Docs, such as the number of reads, shares, and sign-ups.

Accessing the Turtl Doc dashboard

Navigate to the main Doc listing page and use the options menu for your Doc to select Analytics.


Use the filters at the top of the page to filter your analytics by;

  • Date

  • Source

  • Device

  • Location

  • UTM Tags (if you used them)


The overview provides the headline metrics for your Turtl Docs such as reads, readers, shares, and average read time. A line graph of reads and a bar chart of leads over time provides you with a visual aid to see how your Doc is performing. Hover over the graph to view metrics for specific dates. You can learn more about what these metrics mean in our metrics guide here.

Reads by source, device, and location

This section allows you to see how your readers are accessing your Doc for the filter that you applied at the top of the page, for example, you might want to see:

Source: See how people opened your content. Did they open your Doc from a direct link (for example from an email) or did they come from your website or a social network? Using this data can help you decide where to promote your Doc to gain more readers.

Device: See what devices people are using to read your Turtl Doc. This is split between desktop, mobile, and tablet. It can be interesting to use the filters at the top of the page to see if this impacts the device type the readers use. For example, use the Source filter to find out if readers who opened the Doc from your website are mostly using desktop and if readers from a social network are using a mobile?

Location: See where your readers are located physically - perhaps you're targeting a particular market and would like to see if your content is starting to make an impact.

Page performance

Here you can find out the detail of your chapters. Which are working well, and which might need some improvement. The table provides you with a list of each of the Surf page headings and the following chapter data for each;

  • Reads: number of times the Surf page was read 

  • Sign-ups: number of sign-ups generated from that chapter (you will only see sign-ups from chapters other than the back page if you gated your content)

  • Shares: shares generated from that chapter via Immerse widgets or from the top of the Surf page (tip: hover over the shares with your mouse to see where the shares were made)

  • Avg: Surf Time: on average, how long did the readers spend on the Surf page before taking an action. Tip: these should be as short as possible, showing your headings are easy to read which allows your readers to move quickly through your Surf pages to find a chapter they want to read.

  • CTR (Click-through rate): the percentage of readers from the Surf page who clicked into the Immerse level. In the example above 13 people saw Surf page 3 and 46% of those clicked through to read the Immerse page beneath for an average time of 4 minutes 17 seconds.

  • Avg. Immerse Time: On average how long your readers spent within the Immerse section for that chapter.


Use the data in this section to understand how your readers are interacting with the various elements within your content. For example, see how many times an image has been clicked, a URL has been clicked, or a video has been watched.

  • Polls - hover over the "Results" button to view the results of your poll. You can also see how many people have answered under "clicks" and the number of times the poll was shared on social media under the "shares" column.

  • Quotes - see how many social shares happened for each quote and hover over the share number to find out which social media sites were used

  • Links - how many clicks on URL links 

  • Videos - number of views and average view time

  • Images - number of views and average view time 

Tip: make sure you label your Immerse widgets so you can identify them easily within the analytics.


Sign-ups are generated by using either the lead capture form on the back cover of your Turtl Doc or by using the Immerse level blockers:

If you do not use either of these you will not capture any sign-ups.

Reader profiles

Reader profiles are only applicable for Turtl Docs that use individualized analytics - for further information on individualized analytics check out this article.

Downloading your analytics

You can download each section of your analytics to a CSV file using the download buttons on the top left of the section.

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