Polls are an easy way to gain valuable insight from your readers about topics that matter to you. They also help to break up copy text in the Immerse level and to provide an opportunity to engage and encourage your readers to share your content on social networks.

Adding a poll

Select the Poll widget within the Immerse editor.

Populate the fields with your poll question and possible answers.

Please note that the poll will not work without a question or title.

The poll will automatically be styled in line with your predefined poll style. 

Poll configuration and sharing 

To amend the poll settings for sharing, hover over the poll widget until you can view the options menu. Select the Settings icon.

Multiple Choice Polls

Polls are a great way to make Turtl Docs interactive and capture knowledge about the reader. This allows you to set the poll type to Multiple Choice however the default is a single choice poll.

This is how your poll will look in the viewer

If you wish to keep the results private from your readers you can do so by clicking on this option:

The user will then see "Thanks for your answer" instead of the poll results when they submit their response.

Enabling Sharing

Enable or disable sharing for this poll using the toggle. Sharing for all polls is automatically enabled. 

• The sharing networks that the reader can share your content to are determined by the company sharing settings.
• If sharing has been disabled for the entire Doc, sharing options will not be visible to the reader, even if the toggle for sharing this poll is turned on.

Bespoke tweet

When a reader shares your poll on twitter, the tweet is automatically populated as the poll question itself. However, you can choose to override this with different text by populating the tweet box. To restore the poll question to the default tweet, just leave the box blank.

When a reader shares your poll on social networks, it will also include the URL link of the doc itself within the social card. This allows the followers of the sharer to easily access your content, which is a great way to obtain a wider audience and drive further reads. 

You can override the doc link with a different URL link by adding this to the link box. To restore the doc URL, just leave the box blank.

Bespoke Styles

You may have more than one poll style available to choose from. To use a different style, click on the style option over the feature box to access the options menu and select the settings icon.

Resizing your Poll 

Find out more about how to resize your poll and other widgets here.

Poll Widget Analytics

To view the analytics of your poll, you can navigate to your Turtl doc's analytics dashboard and find your poll data in the Interactions section. Here you can view the results of your poll, and how many people shared and clicked.

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