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Learn how to use the Turtl Theme Creator tool, which allows you to apply your brand assets to all the docs you create within Turtl

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Note: The Theme Creator tool is in the process of being released and is currently available only to customers with this feature enabled.

Only Admins and Global admins within the team will have access to this feature.

Think of your brand theme as the DNA for all your docs. Your brand’s logo, fonts, and color palette will all be applied automatically, as well as allowing you to further customize and tweak these elements.

Within Theme Creator Admins and Global admins will have the ability to:

  • Upload brand logo (in both color and white versions).

  • Upload brand colors (up to 10 colors may be applied per theme).

  • Upload brand fonts (different fonts may be applied to various sections of text).

  • Additionally, create more than one brand theme, if needed.

Theme Creator within Themes Screen

The following Theme Creator version is in beta and is available only to customers with this feature enabled. If you’re interested in setting this up on your account, reach out to your CSM or contact

To learn more, please click on the step-by-step guide below:

Want to make a copy of your brand theme?

Not a problem. Go under “Themes”, go to the theme you wish to make a copy of and on the right-hand side of your screen, click on the dropdown menu and select “Make Copy”.

A pop-up box will appear where you can add a name for your new theme.

To complete this step, select “Create Copy”.

Theme Creator within Creation Studio

Admins and Global Admins can access the Theme Editor from within the Creation Studio (the Turtl editor) to quickly and easily make edits to their brand theme. To access the Theme Editor, simply click on the paintbrush icon.

This allows you to edit your brand logo, fonts, colors, and buttons.

Edit your brand logo

You can edit your brand logo in both color and white versions. If your logo isn't in the right size or the right position, click on “More options” to resize the logo or move it. You can also change the toolbar color (the color of the bar at the top of your Surf pages) and toolbar logo size (the logo appearing in the upper-right corner of subsequent Surf pages) or upload new logos.

Please note: Any logos would need to be in SVG or PNG format.

Edit your brand fonts

Add up to 3 different fonts for your Heading, Body and Button text. Here, you can edit the font weight but the font sizes will remain the same.

Please note: Only Google fonts can be applied to the theme editor.

Edit your brand colors

You may choose and apply up to 10 colors to your brand theme using HEX codes. All selected colors will appear as options in Surf styles and in Immerse widgets.

Edit your button styles and size

Here you can use the slider to make your buttons more rectangular or oval.

Under the More options you can:

  • Change the size of the button,

  • Determine the capitalization of your buttons.

  • Choose the Button style for your Surf page

Note: When you save a new theme, it will update all existing Docs to the new theme.

Find out more about updating/changing your brand theme in Turtl, please check out our support article here.

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