Brand Themes in Turtl

What are brand themes, the difference between standard and custom themes and how to tweak them

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What is a brand theme?

A brand theme is a set of variables that match your brand to the Turtl platform.

Core brand assets like logo, fonts and color palette are locked into the brand theme.

Complex graphic elements can be locked into a Custom Brand Theme.

What are the benefits of a brand theme?

Every Turtl Doc you create will be associated with your brand theme. All colors, logos, and fonts that your company approves will be readily available for you to start creating Turtl Docs. This ensures that your content is always on-brand and consistent - no rogue colors or fonts to disrupt your flow. In addition, it also reduces the time needed to create content, because commonly used styling doesn't have to be created from scratch.

Standard vs. custom brand theme

Everyone starts with the Standard brand theme. We additionally offer Custom brand theme for customers who want a theme that is fully customizable, with wider color palette, choice of fonts, etc.

Standard theme

Any theme created from the same, standard theme, customized by the Theme Creator tool. The branding of the standard theme is made by Turtl team within 24 hours, while some customers have access to the theme creator tool directly.

Standard themes also include all themes created from onboarding wizard.

For further break-down of the customizations available for standard brand theme, please check our Standard theme settings article.

Custom theme

Theme for customers that require additional customisations that the standard theme is not able to provide. Custom themes are made from mockups by our designers and require further development from our customer engineering team. They come at an additional cost.

Breakdown of differences between standard and custom theme

Standard Brand Theme

Custom Brand Theme

Brand Theme Mockups



Design Time

Within 24 hours

Min. 1 week

Development Time


Min. 1 week

Total Production Time

Within 24 hours

Min. 2 weeks


  • Logo & toolbar

  • Google Fonts by default

  • Colors (up to 10, excluding white #ffffff which is included by default)

  • Text box and button roundness

  • Custom logo placement

  • Advanced typography

  • Advanced Surf styles

  • Advanced Immerse widget styles


  • Google Fonts by default

  • Official Brand Fonts can be implemented at an additional cost

  • Official Brand Fonts

The visual difference between standard and custom themes

Standard theme

Custom theme

Can I make changes to my theme?

At Turtl, we know that branding can be fluid and is prone to change. Brand themes allow you to quickly update brand changes in one go rather than having to redesign each individual piece of content.

You can request a theme tweak for both standard and custom themes by getting in touch with your Customer Success Manager or our support team at

Some theme tweaks can be applied to individual documents via a snippet, while some will be added to the theme. All Turtl Docs using that theme will be updated with your changes.

Note: Any changes to your theme will need to be signed off by the stakeholder or budget holder of your account, and your Turtl representative, before it can go ahead. Depending on your pricing plan with Turtl, there can be some limitations to your Theme, hence why the aforementioned is important.

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