Brand Themes in Turtl
What to do if you want to change your theme and how it is used in Turtl
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As part of your onboarding, we hard-code your company’s branding into Turtl to create a truly unique set of design options. The result of this process is called a Brand Theme. A Theme is a set of predetermined design features such as colors, fonts, logos, Surf, and Immerse styles.

Every Turtl Doc you create will be associated with your Brand Theme. All colors, logos, and fonts that your company approves will be readily available for you to start creating Turtl Docs. This ensures that your content is always on-brand and consistent - no rogue colors or fonts to disrupt your flow. In addition, it also reduces the time needed to create content, because commonly used styling doesn't have to be created from scratch.

Can I change my Theme?

At Turtl, we know that branding can be fluid and is prone to change. Themes allow you to quickly update brand changes in one go rather than having to redesign each individual piece of content.

You can request a Theme tweak by getting in touch with your Customer Success Manager or to our support team at All Turtl Docs using that Theme will be updated with your changes.

Note: Any changes to your Theme will need to be signed off by the stakeholder or budget holder of your account, and your Turtl representative, before it can go ahead. Depending on your pricing plan with Turtl, there can be some limitations to your Theme, hence why the aforementioned is important.

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