Note: This feature is still in the process of being released. If you don’t have access to it yet, it will be available on your account soon.

Teams live within a Tenant and allow different business units, functions and groups within your organization to use Turtl side-by-side while maintaining full control over their own subscription.

If you would like to add a new Team to your Tenant, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact support.

Each Team has its own:

Users can be members of multiple Teams on a Tenant and can easily switch between the Teams they have access to by clicking the Team icons on the left sidebar.

Change your Team name (Admins and Global Admins only)

In the drop-down menu, click on 'Settings' and move your cursor to the 'Basic' tab.

Here you are able to give your Team a name, apply a link to your homepage and change the interface language of your Turtl Docs. Once you are done, simply click on 'Save' in the top right corner.

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