Copying a Turtl Doc

Learn how to copy any of your Docs

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If you are a Global Admin Admin, Owner, Editor or Publisher you can make a copy of your Doc instead of having to make a new one from scratch. This will save you time and reduce the editing needed to publish content.

Use case: Creating an updated version of your monthly recurring newsletter.

To do this go to the Docs listing, click on the dropdown menu and select “make a copy”.

Your copied Doc will appear with the word (copy) after the name.

How to rename your Turtl Doc

If you want to change the name, click on the drop down menu and select “Rename”.

Input your new Doc title and click the “Rename” button.

Note: Once it has been published your new Doc will start gathering new data in the analytics. Any analytics data that was shown for the original Doc will not be shown in your copied version.

You can find out more about checking the analytics for your Doc here.

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