Turtl by default will include our own Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy on the back page of every document created. As the document has been created using Turtl these are required, but you are able to add your own policies as well. 

How to add your policies

If you are an admin user of your account you will be able to set your own Terms and Conditions, Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy.

Click on the dropdown on the top left and select Manage account.

In the Account section click on the Policies tab.

You will now be able to add links to your own policies. Once you have added your own links you will see the policies in addition to the Turtl polices on the back page of your content.

[1] is the policy of Turtl
[2] is the policy that you have set

If you have any questions about anything you can always reach out to support@turtl.co 

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