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Controlling access to your Turtl Docs
Controlling access to your Turtl Docs

Find out about the different access controls you can apply to your Docs

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At times, you may need to control access to your Docs so that only a specific group of people can read your content. Turtl's access control settings provide controls to help you achieve this. 

Applying an access control policy

Navigate to the main content listing page and click the drop-down arrow to get to your Doc settings.

Select the Access control tab

Select the access policy you want to apply using the drop-down menu. Available policies are:

  1. Public on the web (default) - Anyone on the internet can read your Doc. Indexing is enabled for search engines.

  2. Anyone with the link - Anyone who has the link can access your Doc. Search engine indexing will be turned off. 

  3. Anyone at my company - With SSO enabled, anyone who has a company SSO can access your Doc. With no SSO enabled, anyone with Turtl login can access your Doc. Search engine indexing will be turned off. 

  4. Specific people only - Provide a list of people (emails) who can access your Doc. Search engine indexing will be turned off. 


If you select Specific people only, individual reader information (PII - personal identifying information) is requested, therefore your company's privacy policy should be set, lest this access setting will not work. Find out how to set this policy here.

If you select Anyone at my company or Specific people only, the PDF download will be removed from the Doc to keep the content from being shared publicly.

Checking that the correct policy is applied

Turtl notifies you of the access settings applied to a Doc in several places to help you avoid sending a Doc out with incorrect settings:

  1. A status banner is shown for each Doc with a restricted access policy in the main content list:

2. A lock icon is displayed at the top of the browser when an internal user accesses a Private or Email and Password protected Doc. Hovering over this displays more information:

Configuring protection for Docs

The email authentication access policy allows you to specify a list of email addresses that must be used by external users to read your Doc. 

How to apply the email authentication policy:

Simply add the email addresses in the box shown above. Whole domains can also be added to allow access to everyone in the company, for example, '' would give access to all people with that domain in their email address. 

What does your reader see?

When Specific people only is selected, all external readers will be presented with an access screen requiring them to enter their email address in order to read the Doc.

If they have been granted access in advance they will be sent an email with a link to the now unlocked Doc.

Please note: The activation link only remains active for 15 minutes. After this time has expired the reader will need to enter their email address again and click a new activation email.

You can control the access settings of your personalized Turtl Docs. Read more about this here.

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