There are a range of metrics we use to describe the performance of your content. This article will run through each in turn and explain what they mean and how they are calculated.

The total number of times a Story was opened and the reader turned the first page i.e. they did not bounce (see below).

The total number of unique readers who have read a Story.

Average read time
The average time time each reader spent reading a Story.

Average Immersive read time
The average time each reader spent reading the immerse levels of a Story.

The total number of times the Story was shared by a reader using the share buttons within the content. We do not track shares made by, for example, someone sharing the content directly on Twitter.

The total number of readers who filled out a lead capture form. This can be the default Turtl form or an integrated form from a CRM, and forms can be added to Immerse pages or the Back cover of a Story.

Bounce rate
The percentage of reads where the reader opened and closed a Story but did not take any action e.g. turning the first page.

The percentage of readers who chose to read an Immerse section.

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