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Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on a user's device. They help to improve the browsing experience by remembering user preferences, login information, and other settings.

However, some cookies are used for tracking and advertising purposes.

To gain greater control over cookie management and customize cookie banners to your specific needs, you can integrate with a third-party cookie consent solution.

Turtl Docs integrates with these solutions to provide custom cookie banners, a preference center, and the ability to manage all cookie compliance requirements in one place.

Cookie banners in Turtl Docs

By default, Turtl supplies a banner, which informs the user of the cookies we set. The cookies we set can be found on our website. You can additionally supply your own cookie policies.

The default notice allows a reader to disable all non-essential cookies by clicking on 'Cookie Policy' link and 'Disable cookies' button.

The reader will still be able to read the Turtl Doc, but all analytics will be anonymized and no choices will be remembered (e.g. they would be able to retake polls, etc.)

Integrating with a third-party cookie consent provider offers several additional benefits, including:

  • Customization: You can create your own cookie banners and tailor them to your specific needs.

  • User Control: Users can exercise greater control over their cookie preferences, with options to block certain types of cookies or to choose which cookies they want to allow.

  • Analytics: Third-party providers offer detailed reports and analytics on cookie usage, helping you to better understand how cookies are being used on your site.

Setup process

  1. Before integrating the cookie consent solution with Turtl, it is highly recommended for you to display Turtl Docs on your own domain (also known as having a CNAME), especially if the same service is already used on their corporate website.

  2. Depending on the service, you need to add your Turtl subdomain to the cookie consent service (e.g.

  3. Depending on the service, you need to manually add cookies set by Turtl to your corresponding categories, e.g. “necessary”, “functional”, “advertisement”, etc.

  4. You will need to send Turtl your Cookie Consent embed script (typically, this would be found under “Install/embed the banner on your website” section).

  5. The Customer Engineering team will do the rest.

Specific setup instructions are available for integrations with OneTrust and Cookiebot cookie consent.

Note: Depending on the customer's 3rd party integrations (such as forms, tracking scripts, etc.), those services might collect additional cookies.

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