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Customize your Turtl domain
Customize your Turtl domain

Find out how to customise your Turtl domain by using CNAMEs

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As standard, Turtl provides you with your own domain for all of the content you create with us. These will always end in (for example, and are a great way to feature your company name in all of your Turtl links.

However, it is possible to configure Turtl to use a different domain (for example, so that no reference to Turtl is visible in your links.

This provides an additional level of branding for you and, while it won’t ensure that all PageRank benefits arising from your Docs are fully attributed to your company domain name, it will aid in creating a link between your Turtl Docs and website content.

Getting started

Follow the steps below to start using your custom domain with Turtl.

  1. Choose your domain name. You'll need to have a conversation internally about the name you want to use, but it will need to be a subdomain of your existing website. For example, you could have, or

  2. Find the person or department in your company who deals with DNS and / or networks. They will need to check that the name you selected in step 1 is available and that they are able to create CNAME records for you.

  3. Ask your friendly IT person to set up a CNAME record pointing to and let us know when your selected domain name has had the record added. A quick email to will do.

  4. We will then need 24 hours during business days to complete the setup and we will contact you when it's ready to go.

  5. All done! You will now be able to access your Docs via your custom domain.

    This means that any Doc will be accessible either via or

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