Configuring your Cookiebot integration

How to get Turtl and Cookiebot talking to each other

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Setting up Turtl with the same cookie management tool as your website means that any cookies accepted on your site are automatically accepted on your Turtl documents - and vice versa. Let’s walk through the steps for configuring a Cookiebot integration.

1. Add your company’s Turtl domain to Cookiebot

In Cookiebot, navigate to your default domain group and add your company’s Turtl domain. This will be something like ‘’ or ‘’

If you already have a domain group set up for your company’s website, simply add your company’s Turtl domain to that group together with your company’s domain name.

2. Add Turtl Doc cookies to Cookiebot

In Cookiebot, navigate to the ‘Cookies’ tab and then click ‘Add cookie’.

You can find the list of cookies set on your Turtl documents in our cookie policy here.

See below for an example of how to input the ‘readerID’ cookie fields:

3. Send your Cookiebot script to the Turtl support team

To find your Cookiebot script, go to the ‘Settings’ tab and click onYour Scripts’. The script you need to copy is the first script on the page:

Next, simply send the script to your CSM or A member of the Turtl team will then add the Cookiebot script to your Turtl documents and remove Turtl’s default cookie banner.

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