Configuring your OneTrust cookie integration

How to get Turtl and OneTrust talking to each other

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Step 1: Set up your custom domain

Before setting up a OneTrust cookie integration with Turtl, your Turtl account must have a custom domain, also known as a CNAME. Learn more about setting up a CNAME here.

Step 2: Send us your OneTrust Cookie Consent Script

Once the CNAME setup is complete, send us your OneTrust cookie consent script. Follow this article for more information on obtaining the script. You can send the script to your Customer Success Manager or

Step 3: Test the integration

To test if the integration is working properly, we will first add the script to a test doc on your account. This way we can ensure the permissions you have set for which cookie to track or not track were firing correctly.

When the integration is confirmed to work correctly, we will apply the script to all docs within your account. We will also ensure that it is applied to newly created docs as well.

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