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Learn how to view analytics for your personalizations

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Note: Personalization is available only to customers with this feature enabled. If you’re interested in setting up personalization on your account, reach out to your CSM or contact

This article will go over the different ways to view personalization analytics. For more information on Analytics dashboards click here.

Viewing analytics via the analytics dashboard

Navigate to Analytics and under the Most Read Docs section find the Master Doc which has the personalization you are looking for.

Select the Master Doc to open the analytics dashboard, here you will find the Personalizations section. This section contains all of the reads and interactions specified for those specific personalizations.

Note: When setting up your Master Doc for personalization, you must add a name token (and if necessary a company token) to the title to identify the individual personalization.

You can then select any personalizations to view more in-depth data such as where they read the personalization, page performance, interactions, etc. Find out more about this here.

Viewing analytics via the personalizations list

Go to My personalizations or All personalizations in the sidebar, find the personalization you're looking for. The action button called Analytics takes you directly to the analytics for that specific personalized Doc.

Downloading personalization analytics

You can download an analytics overview report as a spreadsheet containing the metrics from the dashboard and some extra information about your personalizations, including what information was selected/input on the personalization form.

To download the report, click the arrow on the 'download' button in the top right of the dashboard and click 'Overview':

Once you’ve downloaded the report, click on the 'Personalizations' tab in the spreadsheet to see the below information:

  • In columns A-F you’ll find information about each personalization such as the ​​Personalization Title and Personalization Author Name.

  • In columns G-N you’ll see key metrics for each personalization such as reads, readers and read time.

  • From column O onwards you’ll see the information that was selected/input into the personalization form. Each column relates to a token that was set up in your Doc.

You can read more about the other tabs in the overview report here, as well as our other 'Reads' report here.

You can also send personalization reader or internal form inputs directly into Hubspot or Marketo.

For more information, please reach out your customer success manager or

To learn more about Personalization, check out our Personalization Engine Collection!

We also offer these training videos as part of our onboarding:

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