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Find out how to add videos to your Immerse pages

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You can add videos to the Immerse pages of your Turtl Docs to boost engagement and interactivity. Readers will be able to watch the videos without leaving your content, and you'll be able to collect analytics including video views.

Videos can be added by uploading a video, choosing from your company's shared media library, your recent history, or by embedding a URL from:

  • Youtube / Youtube playlist

  • Vimeo (Except for private videos, please see Vimeo article for further information)

  • any MP4 / WEBM video hosted online (with a URL ending in .mp4 / .webm)

Note: The maximum file size for the upload option is 20MB. Tip: The smaller your video is, the quicker it will load for your readers.

Inserting your video

Within the Immerse editor, place your cursor where you want to insert your video and select the Video widget.

Choose your preferred option.

Example using the embed option:
Paste the URL of the video you want to use and press upload.

Your video widget is now ready within your Doc. Use the content preview to see how it looks.

A thumbnail of your video will now be visible within your content and your readers will be able to view the video directly from within your Turtl Doc.

You can add a caption to the video in the widget settings. Hover over the video and press the settings cog.

Video thumbnail missing?

You will be alerted by a pop-up box saying "Could not load thumbnail" if the video you input is set to Private. To get the thumbnail to show, you will need to first change the video to Public, add it to Turtl so that we get the thumbnail, and then you can change it back to Private.

Find out how to add captions here.

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