Embedding BombBomb Videos

Find out how to add BombBomb videos to your Turtl Docs

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A BombBomb Video allows you to quickly record or upload a personal video to the cover of their Personalized Doc to make it more interactive and increase user engagement.

If you would like to be able to add BombBomb videos to the cover of your personalization Doc, please send this request to your CSM or support@turtl.co including all of your agents api keys for BombBomb.

You can find this key in your BombBomb account by doing the following:

1) Under account at the top right hand corner, select “integrations”.

2) Copy the API key at the top right hand corner.

How to add a BombBomb video into the Personalization form

Once the Integration has been set up we will contact you. For the integration to show on your Doc we will use two components:

  • The BombBomb component

  • The Input component

  1. In the creation studio, open the Personalization engine and select “BombBomb” from the "Add a new field” drop down menu.

2. Under the Basic tab, the Input component should have a token named “bombbomb_config_token” and a “Prefill value”. These will automatically be added for you. The Prefill value is taken directly from your BombBomb Agent API Key that you sent to us.

4. Under the advanced tab, the input component should be hidden.

Now when you go to Personalize your Doc, you will see this option on the Personalization form to add your video.

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