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Learn how to embed videos from Vimeo in your Turtl Docs

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In this article, we’ll walk through embedding Vimeo videos into the Immerse pages of your Turtl Docs. Embedding a video allows readers to watch the content while staying in the Doc itself. It also means you can collect video metrics, seeing how many readers watched the video and for how long. Let’s get started.

Checking your Vimeo privacy settings

In order for a Vimeo video to be embeddable within your Turtl Docs, you first need to make sure that your video is not set to “Private”, and your embed setting is set to “Anywhere”. You can find both of these options in the privacy settings on the main page for your video.

If you have a Vimeo plus, or higher, account, you can set your privacy settings to "Hide From Vimeo" as an extra layer of privacy. This will allow the video to be embedded within Turtl and will not appear in searches within Vimeo itself. Note that there are some differences between this setting and "private", including that the video will still be listed in search engine results. You can see a full list of Vimeo's available privacy settings here.

Note: If you need your video to be set to “private”, consider using one of our other supported video hosting websites listed in our article here.

Finding your link on Vimeo

Navigate to the main page for your video and click the “share link” icon in the top right corner of the page. This is the link that you’ll add to your Turtl Doc.

Inserting your link in Turtl

Within the Immerse editor, place your cursor where you want to insert your video and select the video widget.

Click on ‘Embed’ tab and paste the copied Vimeo link.

Note: If your video's privacy setting is 'Unlisted', the embed code will include an extra privacy hash, which will make the embed link look something like this:


Once you have added the URL, click Upload. A thumbnail of your video will now be visible within your content and your readers will be able to view the video in your Turtl Doc.

Set a specific playing time for your Vimeo video

To start playing a Vimeo video from a specific timestamp, you can add
"?autoplay=1#t=20s" to the end of the video's URL. The "20s" in this example represents the timestamp in seconds. By adding this slug, the video will automatically start playing from the specified timestamp when embedded into a Turtl Doc.

Example URL with a timestamp:

Resize your video

Find out more about how to resize your video and other widgets here.

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