Within the Immerse editor there are a number of easy to use widgets which help you to add visual and interactive elements to your content, making more engaging to your readers.

Each widget is designed to keep your reader within your content rather than following links to external sites. For example, your reader and open and explore a Google map right within the story - no need to leave the content to visit Google maps.

It's recommended that you include a variety interactive elements using the widgets options throughout your content and have at least one on each page. The widgets available are listed below.


Add images to your Immerse level using the image widget, this is one of the easiest ways to instantly break up copy text and make your content look more appealing. Once inserted, there are a number of formatting options available, such as zooming, adding captions and hyperlinking your image to an external URL or Turtl Story.

Find out more about inserting and formatting Immerse images. 


Add shareable quotations to your text like the one above. These are a great way to make your copy text more interesting and highlight important quotes. The quotes are also shareable on social media and email so you can really get your readers to engage with your content and open up opportunities for others to see your content on social networks (you can enable/disable this functionality where required). Find out how to add quotations here


Instead of including important data as static charts try including interactive charts within your Immerse level, this provides another way to engage readers and make your content more interesting. You can add any interactive charts created with the following cloud based third party providers:

  • Highcharts Cloud
  • ChartBlocks
  • Infogram 

Find out more about adding charts


Add interactive videos to the Immerse levels of your Turtl Stories to make content more engaging. Once inserted videos can be viewed by your readers directly from within your story, keeping them engaged with your content for longer. You can see how many times the video has been viewed, and for how long, within your story analytics.

Videos need to be hosted online and URLs can be used from:

  • Youtube / Youtube playlist
  • Vimeo 
  • Wistia
  • any MP4 video which is hosted online

Find out more about inserting videos here 


You can include audio within your Immerse levels, as long as the audio is in an MP3 format and is hosted online.  Find out more here


You can easily insert Google maps within your Immerse content. Your readers can open and explore your map directly within the Turtl Story, keeping them engaged with your content for longer.

Find out more about inserting google maps here


You can include any PDF that is hosted online within your content. All you need is the URL of the PDF content. Your readers can view the entire PDF from within the Story, keeping them within your content for longer and more engaged. Find out more here

Feature Text 

As part of your brand theme you may have special styling for feature text. This allows you to insert text and apply pre-defined styles which are completely different or slight variants to your standard body text formatting. This may include coloured boxes, which are plain colour blocks or that include special icons. Below is an example of text inserted with the feature widget. You can find out more here.

Formatting your widgets

Find out about resizing widgets, adding captions and how to pin and span them across columns.

Add titles to your widgets

Adding titles to your widgets makes it easy for you to find and analyse them. Watch the below video to learn how:

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