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Translate content and set up a language switcher in Turtl Docs
Translate content and set up a language switcher in Turtl Docs

Allow your readers to switch between languages on your Turtl Docs

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Note: This feature is only available with our Unlimited plan. Please contact your Renewals Manager / Account Director if you want to upgrade your plan.

Turtl enables you to add a switch with a globe icon to your Doc, which enables users to access a version of a Doc in a different language.

However, please note that translations need to be translated in advance as this is not a machine translation service.

This article explains:

How to translate a Turtl Doc

Step 1: Copy your Master Doc

​​​Choose a Turtl Doc you would like to translate. Make a copy of the Doc and open the editor of that Doc.

Step 2: Set your Doc up for translations

Make sure you adjust the Doc (feature boxes, etc.) in a way that leaves enough space in case the translated content will be lengthier (give ⅓ of extra space), e.g.:

Step 3: Set up bookmarklets

Please copy both of these bookmarklets and save them to your bookmark manager in your Chrome browser. Video instructions here. Depending on your translation software, you can use either the JSON or SDLXML format.

JSON format

Download JSON file:

javascript:(function(){document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src=window.location.origin + '/bookmarklets/translation-export.js';})();

Upload translated JSON file:

javascript:(function(){ document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src=window.location.origin + '/bookmarklets/translation-import.js'; })();

SDLXML format

Download SDLXML file:

javascript:(function(){document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src=window.location.origin + '/bookmarklets/translate-sdlxml-export.js';})();

Upload translated SDLXML file:

javascript:(function(){document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src=window.location.origin + '/bookmarklets/translate-sdlxml-import.js';})();

Step 4: Using the bookmarklets

  1. Download the JSON or SDLXML file from your Turtl Doc by applying the appropriate "Download" bookmark.

  2. Have your translation team add the translated text directly into the file, replacing the original text.

  3. When the translation is ready, upload the translated JSON or SDLXML file in the Turtl Doc you prepared, using the "Upload" bookmark.

  4. Check the layout and update the name of the Doc.

  5. Set up language settings on the Doc.

  6. Publish and share.

You can finish there, or depending on how you distribute the Docs, you can set up a language switcher so that users can switch to their respective language.

How to set up a language switcher

Step 1:

Make sure your translated Docs are completed and ready to be published (translated content and assets are required ahead of time).

Step 2:

Ensure your translated Docs are all in the same workspace in Turtl - the globe functionality can only link Docs that are located within the same workspace.

Step 3:

Make sure you set up the language on your Docs accordingly.

Step 4:

Navigate to the Extensions tab within the Doc Settings. If you don’t already have the ‘Language Group’ extension on your tenant, please contact your Customer Success Manager or get in touch with Support at and we can get this extension added to your account.

Step 5:

Enable the ‘Language group’ extension on all of the Docs that you would like to be linked and prepared for language switching.

Step 6:

Ensure all of the Docs that have Language Group extension enabled are published before sharing any of the links

After completing the steps, you should be able to easily change the language of your Doc using the globe icon.

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