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Learn how to publish your content in Turtl

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Watch the 6 minute video below to learn how to publish and share your Doc.

Turtl Docs are automatically saved as drafts until you're ready to publish them. When you publish your content, we’ll make sure it is SEO-friendly by fine-tuning the URL and setting the social/search engine description.

Before you publish your Doc, you can share the draft version with your team to collect feedback. Find out how.

Managing your drafts and published Turtl Docs

You can manage your drafts and published Turtl Docs easily. They are identifiable by the labels in the Docs listing, and you can also filter by drafts and published Docs.


To publish your Turtl Doc, click on Edit.

Once you're in the editor, click on Publish.

Turtl will automatically generate the Turtl Doc name, a custom URL, and pull the first sensible paragraph from your content to pre-fill your description, ensuring it's SEO friendly. This information will be used for search engines and social media, and you are also able to edit this information yourself in the settings. Learn more.

Click the next button and you'll be able to set the access settings for the Turtl Doc. You can find out about the different access settings here.

Click the next button and you will be able to set the personalization settings if personalization is enabled on your account. Follow this article for more information on each personalization setting.

Note: This option is available only to customers with this feature enabled. If you’re interested in setting up personalization on your account, reach out to your CSM or contact

Click Save and Publish, then you'll be ready to use Turtl's sharing tools to share the Doc with your audience or view your finished content.

Find out how to share your Turtl Doc on social media, by email, and on your website.

Editing published content

Once the Turtl Doc is published, you can keep working on it and changes won't automatically go live, allowing you to share changes with your team for feedback before publishing them. Learn more.

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