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Personalizing your Turtl Docs
Different ways you can personalize your Turtl Docs
Different ways you can personalize your Turtl Docs
Learn the how to personalize using Turtl
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Note: Personalization is available only to customers with this feature enabled. If you’re interested in setting up personalization on your account, reach out to your CSM or contact

Once a Turtl Doc has been set up for personalization, certain roles can create personalizations. Read about different roles in our support article here. Let’s look at some of the different ways to personalize your Turtl Docs.

Self-Service Personalization

This option is useful when you want to create a small number of personalizations at a time. For example, your sales team creating personalizations for their meetings with potential customers or your recruitment team sending out personalized information packs to interviewees. Users in Turtl can create their personalized Docs by manually filling in the relevant information in the personalization form. Often, companies buy a set of licenses specifically for self-service personalization, these users will have an optimized Turtl experience for this purpose.

Who’s it for?

  • Sales teams

  • Account teams

  • Partners and affiliates


✓ Central control of all content
✓ On-demand tailoring for clients
✓ Text, branding, inserts and data
✓ Simple delegated user workflow
✓ Completely web-browser based
✓ Empowers 1000s of associates
✓ Streamline tailored selling tasks
✓ Consolidate all engagement data


Simply open the viewer of your master Doc, in the top right corner navigate to “Personalize” and see your personalization form appear on the screen. Once submitted you’ll be taken to your newly created personalization.

Batch Personalization

This option is useful when you want to create a large number of personalizations at a time. For example, marketing or comms teams. By uploading customer data via a CSV file, users can generate thousands of personalized Docs in seconds to send to customers.

Who’s it for?

  • Marketing teams

  • Relationship managers

  • Campaign administrators


✓ Central control of all content
✓ Tailor many client materials at once
✓ Text, branding, inserts and data
✓ Simple workflow for select users
✓ Completely web-browser based
✓ Does not require technical skills
✓ Rapidly achieve impact at scale
✓ Consolidate all engagement data


To batch personalize all you have to do is:

  1. Open your master Doc, click the option to batch personalize and download the template CSV spreadsheet. This file is a custom template, containing the personalization tokens set up in the master Doc.

  2. Fill out the spreadsheet with the inputs you want to personalize the Doc with, each completed line will create a new personalization

  3. Upload the spreadsheet back into Turtl, check for any errors, make sure your fields have mapped correctly and name your batch to easily find the personalizations later

  4. Complete the batch and all the personalizations from the spreadsheet will be generated

You can create up to 25,000 personalizations at a time.

See an example below of uploading a CSV to create a batch of personalizations:

Once your personalizations are generated you can find them in “All personalizations” and can filter them by batch name.

Public Personalization

This option puts the decisions in the hands of the reader, allowing anyone without a Turtl login to personalize their own Doc. This is great Turtl Docs used for things such as product brochures, where the reader's selection will dictate what kind of content they’re shown.

Who’s it for?

  • Customers

  • Prospects

  • Anyone


✓ Central control of all content
✓Tailor for recipients on-the-fly
✓Text, branding, inserts and data
✓ Simple intuitive reader prompts
✓Interactive, engaging experience
✓No data or tech skills required
✓ No recipient pre-setup required
✓Consolidate all engagement data


When a personalization form is set to public, it is the first thing readers see when they open the Doc. Once they fill out the information and click “Build Content”, they’ll be taken to their newly generated personalization.


Power 24/7 workflows in your enterprise to create tailored content for any number of recipients - all driven by your systems.

Realize the benefits of personalization at an unlimited scale by integrating your enterprise systems directly to the Turtl platform via API. This automatically produces individual content within your own workflows, ready for distribution.

Who’s it for?

  • Data-driven businesses

  • Automated processes

  • Technology teams


✓ Central control of all content
✓ Unlimited tailoring for recipients
✓ Text, branding, inserts and data
✓ Fully automated and scalable
✓ Integrate systems and workflows
✓ Support high volume campaigns
✓ Build into client driven processes
✓ Consolidate all engagement data

Read more on Personalization:

We also offer these training videos as part of our onboarding:

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