Creating personalization quizzes
Learn how to create quizzes for your readers using the Choice form field
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The choice field in the Personalization form builder enables the creation of simple personalization quizzes. Paired with form builder steps and Public personalization, it's easy to build quizzes that personalize Docs based on what the reader has answered.

For example, let's build a quiz that has two outcomes - you are either a ruler of Earth or Mars. With page rules set up, you will be shown either an Earth page or Mars page depending on how you answer the quiz.

Here are the components you'll be using:

  • Headings and text: add an introduction and quiz questions

  • Choice component: allows you to list choices for the reader to pick

    • Option values in the Choice component are used to determine the reader’s result

  • Steps: breaks the quiz into separate steps so it's easier to fill it out

Note in order for the quiz to work:

  • Every Choice component needs to have a token that starts with "quiz_". This prefix will make sure we can count all the answers in that question.

    • Example: "quiz_first"

  • Every label in a Choice component needs to have one of the option values

    • In our example "mars" or "earth"

Step 1: Add your quiz title

Add a heading field to your quiz to title your quiz. In this example, I also added a text field for further instructions

You can also add a step field after the title if you’d prefer the quiz to start on the next step!

Step 2: Create your first question

Add a text field and input your first question into the text box in the Basic settings. For example, I will add:

Question: “Which statement best describes “World Class Customer Service”?”

Add a Choice component (make sure the token begins with “quiz_”). In the example below, I have set the token name as “quiz_first” for the first question

In the Choice component, navigate to the Options section within the Basic settings. Here you will add your answers to the Label column and assign a value to each. In our example I will add the following answers:

Label: Something we have to maintain and protect


If a reader selects this answer, it will be counted towards Earth

Label: Something we need to work to achieve


If a reader selects this answer, it will be counted towards Mars

Now add a Step field after the Choice component to break the quiz up into multiple steps:

Step 3: Create your second question

Add a text field as you did in step 1. For example, I will add:

Question: “What Customer Suntricity Astronomical Unit (AU) of maturity would you like to be in?”

Add another choice field and make sure the token begins with “quiz_”:

Then add your answers within the Options section of the choice field. Remember to make sure the values are the same as the previous question. In our example I will add the following answers:

Label: 1.00 AU – the average distance of Earth's orbit from the Sun


Label: 1.52 AU - the average distance of Mars’ orbit from the Sun

Value: “mars

Step 4: Continue creating your questions

If needed, continue creating questions by following the previous steps. Don't forget to add a Step in between each question!

Step 5: Count the results

The outcome of the quiz will depend on how many times the reader has selected each value. To do this add a Single Line field and set the token as “result”.

In the Basic settings add the following expression to the Prefill Value:

$: helpers.winner()

In the Advanced settings set the Visible setting to No. This will hide the field from readers.

Step 6: Add a token to your form title

To see who completed the quiz you will need to add a field for your reader to enter their name. To do this, add a Step after your last question and add a Single Line field. For our example, I will name the token “name

You can edit any of the Basic or Advanced settings as you’d prefer.

Finally add this token to the title of your doc so that you can easily see who has completed the quiz. In our example I added the “name” token and the “result” token in the title.

Step 7: Set page rules depending on the results

Create page rules so that your reader will be shown a specific page depending on what answers they selected in the quiz.

To do this set the page rule as result is equal to {value}

Replace {value} with one of the values used in your choice options. In my example I’ve created a page for both Earth and Mars values:

Step 8: Make your personalization public

Navigate to the Doc’s settings and select the ‘Personalization’ tab. Select ‘Anyone’, so that the form will be placed on the front cover of the Doc, enabling readers to personalize.

Now your quiz is completed! Publish your Doc and test out your quiz. If you run into any questions or issues please reach out to

If you wish to send inputs from your quiz directly to Hubspot or Marketo, please reach out to your customer success manager or

We also offer these training videos as part of our onboarding:

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