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How to empower external readers to create personalized content using the reader form
How to empower external readers to create personalized content using the reader form
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This article will explain how to put the power of personalization into the hands of your external readers (e.g. customers, prospects, employees) and enable them to self-personalize content using the Reader form. It will also walk through the experience they’ll see once you start sharing your Doc. If you’re not sure what the Reader form is, learn more about the different methods of personalization.

Before your readers can create personalized content, you need to have a completed Turtl Doc which is set up for personalization and includes a personalization form. We call this a master Doc. See also our Step by step guide for setting up a Doc for personalization article for more information.

Turn on personalization within the Doc settings

  1. Readers won’t be able to personalize your Turtl Doc until the Doc is published and Personalization has been turned on within the Doc’s settings.

  2. If you are the Doc owner, go to the Doc’s settings, select the Personalization tab, and choose "Anyone". This will place the personalization form on the front cover of your Doc, enabling anyone, internal or external, with or without a Turtl license, to personalize.

Enabling personalization within the Doc’s settings

Readers can create personalized Docs

  1. Once you’ve set up your master Doc for public personalization, you can start sharing it with external readers.

  2. When external readers open the master Doc URL, they’ll be presented with a form on the front cover of the Doc.


When creating your personalization form for external readers, consider how you can make it as clear and simple as possible for them to complete it. Keep personalization options minimal and ensure the label of each field clearly explains what you want the reader to do.

If you’re going to ask for your reader’s name or company name within the form, use this personalization token within the title of your Doc. This will allow you to easily differentiate between any personalizations that are created within your Doc list and in the analytics dashboard.

See Add personalization tokens if you’re not sure how to do this.

Form appearing on the front cover of Turtl Doc

Once the reader has completed the form and hit the "Build Content" button (the wording on the button is adjustable when creating your personalization form), the browser will refresh and a personalized version of the Doc will be automatically presented to them. From there, they can browse the Doc as they usually would.

A personalized Doc for Amy (an external reader)

Review all personalizations

As more and more readers personalize your Doc, you can review the personalizations within the "All Personalizations" section of your account or within the "Personalizations" section of your master Doc’s analytics dashboard.

Reviewing the performance of personalizations within the Doc Dashboard

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