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Use Turtl's API for automated creation of personalized Docs

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  • This feature is available if you have purchased the Personalization module and are on a Professional or Unlimited plan. Please get in touch with your renewals manager or account manager if you are interested.

  • Prior experience with APIs, basic programming skills, and familiarity with RESTful principles are recommended for effectively utilizing the API personalization.

Using Turtl’s API allows you to programmatically generate and manage personalized Turtl Docs based on the data that lives within an external system and use them in workflows or campaigns, opening up a wide range of new use cases in ABM, campaign content, chatbot integrations, just-in-time content, and more.

What is Turtl’s personalization API?

Turtl’s personalization API supports the creation of personalized versions of a Turtl Doc by sending your own data, regardless of where it is, along with the Turtl Doc ID to an API endpoint and retrieving a personalized version of the same Doc with, for example, altered company name, logo, adjusted content, and the like.

If you’re planning to use data from HubSpot or Marketo and receive personalised Turtl Docs back as contact properties, you can utilize this functionality to generate personalized Turtl Docs without coding.


Generation of personalized Turtl Docs can be automated. You can create tailored content for an unlimited number of users 24/7.

Once the Turtl Doc is ready, marketing and sales teams can easily distribute personalized Turtl Docs without the need to access the Turtl platform directly. This approach allows for further flexibility, seamlessly integrating personalized Turtl Docs into existing processes.

Businesses already collect all the user information in their system. This can save them time and money since all the data is just in one place.


Imagine a recruitment agency with several job listings from different companies.

They are collecting information from job-seekers through a digital form, e.g.

  • Name and contact email

  • Educational background

  • A role they are interested in

A job-seeker submits a form, expressing their interest in job opportunities.

Their submission data is sent to Turtl's API endpoint to generate a personalized Doc with job offers based on their selected interest (e.g. Law, Engineering, Design, etc.) into their inbox.

Set up Turtl Doc for personalization

Turtl's personalization engine enables altering text, images, table data, logos, and videos as well as filtering content on a ‘master’ Turtl Doc, which had been set up for personalization in advance.

Access your API documentation and API key

To generate the API token, you would need to be added to the Turtl tool as a user by your admin.

To obtain the API token, navigate to the bottom left corner of your Turtl dashboard, click on your profile, and select ‘My profile’.

Scroll to the bottom, where you will find a button for generating your API key:

You’ll find a link to Turtl API documentation there, but you can also access the documentation for your account by following this path, where ‘companyname’ is the name of your account:

This is a public link, so you can access it without being logged in.

Navigate to ‘Create a personalization’ to find personalization-specific API instructions.

The object keys inside the 'fields' object in your API request should match with tokens in the Doc, e.g. if you have tokens %email% and %name%, this is where they would appear:

"docUrl": "string", // e.g. ''
"fields": {
"email": "string",
"name": "string",
"video": "string", // public URL
"logo-url": "string" // public URL

The outputs of the API requests are links to a personalized Doc URL, flappy gif, and static image of the cover as well as other responses, which you can view in the API documentation.

The personalization engine is protected by US patents.

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