Creating a Workspace
Organizing your content and controlling access permissions
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Creating Workspaces in your account is a helpful way to organize your content and control who can access it within your organization. If you are an Admin or a Global Admin of your Turtl account you’ll be able to create, delete, and manage workspace permissions across all workspaces.

Creating Workspaces

Create a new workspace by clicking the “+” button next to the title of the Workspaces. You will only have this option available if you are an admin.

Give your Workspace a name and a purpose (this is only seen internally). For advice on naming your Workspace and segmenting your content visit our organizing your workspace and managing your workspaces articles.

You’re then ready to add members to your workspace and designate permissions.

First, select the users you would like to add and their roles within the workspace, then click invite.

Roles within Workspaces:


- Can rename or delete the Workspace

- Can manage members

- Has full privileges on Turtl Docs and personalizations


- Has full privileges on Turtl Docs and personalizations


- Has full privileges on Turtl Docs and personalizations, except publish/unpublish


- Can only view Turtl Docs and leave comments


- Can only view Turtl Docs, access analytics, and leave comments


- Can only view Turtl Docs and leave comments

- Can create, view, and analyze personalizations

- Can also see the personalization

Once you have chosen your users and set permissions, click “Save Workspace”, and everyone invited will receive an email to let them know they have been added to your workspace.

Setting a default Workspace

Note: A default workspace and role can also be set on the Permissions tab of the Team settings to all newly joined team members for your entire team. For details on how to do this please check this article.

Now you are ready to start creating content!

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