Default user permissions

Make adding new users a breeze by setting default licence type, additional permissions and workspace roles

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If you are an Admin or Global Admin on your Team, you can set a default license type, additional permission, Workspace and Workspace role for new users.

These default settings will be preselected when you invite a new user to Turtl, enabling you to quickly add new users.

Navigate to the Team Settings and click on the ‘Permissions’ tab.

Here, you can select the default license type, this can be a Full user or Limited user.

Note: This will imply which roles you’re able to choose for the Workspace role.

Then, you can select an additional permission or leave it as ‘none’.

Next, select a Workspace to set as the default and a role.

When you invite a new user , these settings will be automatically preselected as the default in the invite modal however you can easily amend these.

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