Adding captions to widgets

Find out how to add a caption to your immerse widgets

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Captions can be added beneath widgets to give more information or instructions. It is commonly used to give credit, describe the widget, or instruct readers that they can interact with the widget.

You can add captions to the following Immerse widgets;

How to add a caption 

1. Move your mouse over your widget until the editing icons appear at the top. Select the settings icon.

2. Select the Caption tab and write your caption in the text box.

3. You can choose how to align your caption text under the image using the dropdown.

Formatting your caption

You can use markdown symbols * or _ to style your captions as bold or italic text.

  • For Italics - insert one asterisk * or one underscore _ to either side of the word(s) you would like to italicize.

  • For bold - insert two asterisks ** or two underscores __ to either side of the word(s) you would like to bold.

As an example, in the following sentence the word 'my' will appear in italics and 'caption' in bold:

Here is *my* image **caption**

Note: The style of the bold and italic text within the captions can be customized as part of your branding.

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