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Find out how to insert PDFs within your Immerse content

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You can insert any PDF that is hosted online within your content simply using the PDF's URL. Your readers can fully view the PDF from within the Turtl Doc, keeping your readers in your content for longer and boosting engagement.

Inserting your PDF

In the Immerse editor, place your cursor where you would like to insert your PDF. Then, select the PDF widget.

Paste the URL of your PDF into the widget. The URL needs to be a direct link to the document, for example:


You'll know it's a direct link because it ends in .pdf

When you have finished, select Upload. Your PDF thumbnail will be inserted into your content and your readers will now be able to view the entire PDF from within the Doc.

PDF thumbnail missing?

A thumbnail will not load if the PDF you input is Private. To get the thumbnail to show, you will need to first change the PDF to Public, add it to Turtl so that we get the thumbnail, and then you can change it back to Private.

Resizing your PDF thumbnail

Find out more about how to resize your PDF thumbnail and use other widgets here. Find out about creating captions here.

PDF Whitelisting

To ensure Turtl is a secure and transparent system, any PDF embedded in your docs with the PDF widget will be checked against a whitelist. If the hostname (the domain where the PDF is hosted) is on this whitelist, it will be uploaded to your doc successfully.

For example, if your PDF URL is https://africau.edu/images/default/sample.pdf, then the hostname would be africau.edu

If the hostname is not yet added to the whitelist, the PDF will not be able to be embedded. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or support@turtl.co who will add this to our system or upload it to one of the following domains:

  • cdn.fs.turtl.co

  • assets.turtl.co

  • team.turtl.co

  • turtl.co

  • null

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