If you are an administrator for your Company Turtl account you can add, remove and edit users. 

User Roles and Permissions

There are 3 user roles that you can assign to a user of the Turtl platform.

Author: can create, edit, copy and delete Stories within the Company account. They can also access analytic dashboards and all menus relating to the content, such as settings and publishing.
Admin: has the same permissions as an Author plus the ability to update Company wide settings, such as social network configuration, branding and policy links, and to add, delete and edit users.
Viewer: has the ability to view existing Stories (read-only) in the Company account and to view the analytic dashboards.

Adding a new user 

If you are an admin you will be able to access the users tab on the left-hand navigation panel. 

Note: If you cannot see the user tab you do not have the correct permission level to add users to the company account and will need to ask the administrator of the account to complete this for you.

Select the Invite new button in the top right and complete the fields;

  • user's name (It's best to include the user's full name)
  • email address (the user will receive a verification link at this address)
  • select the user role type from the drop down list

You will receive an on-screen message to confirm that the user has been invited to create their user account. 

The new user will receive an email to the email address you provided inviting them to create their own Turtl user account. They need to follow the verification link within the email and will be prompted to create their password in line with your company password policy. That's it - they are then ready to get started with Turtl.

What if the new user hasn't received the welcome email?

If your new user does not receive the welcome email please try the following;

  • check that the email address you input is correct
  • check that the email hasn't been directed to user's junk mail folder
  • resend the activation email using the button next to their name (see below)

Note: Once the user has activated their account using the email verification link the option to resend the activation email will not be available to you. If the user cannot login, please ask them to reset their password. 

Removing a user

To remove an existing user, select the remove option from the drop down menu next to their name and select OK to the confirmation message that appears at the top of the page.

Editing an existing user

To edit an existing user, select the edit option from the drop down menu next to their name.

Update the relevant details and select save.

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