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Doc-based billing and pricing FAQs

How doc-based pricing works, what constitues an active Doc and other FAQs explained

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The new plans were introduced in June 2023, offering new customers the Essential and Professional packages plus our Personalization module and Professional Services as optional extras.

If you would like to take advantage of the plans or find out more about our pricing policy, please contact your Renewals Manager.

How does Turtl pricing work?

At Turtl, we believe you should only pay for Docs that get published and read – what we call active Docs. The price of a Turtl subscription is based on the number of active Docs, irrespective of how your team is organized. The more Docs you purchase, the better value you enjoy due to a volume discount. In this way, the price of your Turtl subscription is based on how much value your business gets from our product, now and in the future.

What is an active Doc?

A document becomes active when it gets a read. It is automatically marked as inactive after 30 days without a read. To take a document out of circulation, you can unpublish it and it will be immediately marked as inactive.

How does billing work with active docs?

Customers can access monthly usage reporting within the Turtl platform showing the number of active documents in your account. You can use this report to understand how much of your quota you’re using. If your Doc hasn’t received a read in the last 30 days or it has been unpublished, it won’t count towards your quota until it becomes active again. For example, an active Doc unpublished on 27 March will not be counted as active in the April billing period.

What happens if I reach my Doc limit?

Customers are notified when the number of active Docs approaches the limit on their subscription. If you exceed the number of active Docs on your subscription, you’ll automatically be upgraded to the next Doc tier. The more Docs you purchase, the better value you enjoy due to a volume discount. Please contact your Renewals Manager for more information.

Can I add additional Docs or upgrade our Turtl plan at any time?

Turtl licenses are annual subscriptions, so there’s a minimum commitment of a year. If you need additional Docs or features you can contact your Account Manager at any point to discuss upgrading your subscription.

How does the document quota work year over year?

On renewal, we’ll work with you to assess how many active Docs you’ll need for the next subscription period. Your current active Docs will contribute towards your Doc quota for the following year. Customers can unpublish or delete active documents to help manage budgets. Or, if demand for Docs grows, you can increase the number of Docs in your subscription.

Is there a cost for translated versions of Turtl Docs?

The translation switcher, as outlined in this support article, is now available in the Unlimited package only. Translated versions of Turtl Docs will be included in usage reports as active Docs if they are read.

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