​​Unpublishing your Turtl Doc

Learn how to unpublish your content in Turtl

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If you decide you would no longer like your Turtl Doc to be published you can unpublish it. This can be useful if you would like to pause a campaign or take a published Doc offline for a period of time.

Unpublishing Your Doc

To unpublish your Turtl Doc, you would need to be an admin, publisher or contributor.

First, click on the drop-down menu next to 'Edit' and select “Unpublish”.

You will then see the following message.

Click on the Unpublish button and you will then see this message confirming the Doc has been successfully unpublished.

The Doc will return to a draft state. Now if a reader tries viewing the published Doc URL it will show a “Page not found” error message.

All analytics will be kept on this Doc up until the point of unpublishing and will need to be published again to continue to collect data.

When you are ready to republish your Doc, you can do this by following the steps outlined here.

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