What is Personalization at Turtl?

Discover the benefits of personalization and the four basic steps to personalize content

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Note: Personalization is available only to customers with this feature enabled. If you’re interested in setting up personalization on your account, reach out to your CSM or contact support@turtl.co.

A personalization engine allows you to rapidly personalize Turtl content to create a deeper impression on the audience.

Besides putting a name on the cover, which is in itself a powerful psychological tool, Turtl’s content platform allows you to speak specifically and exclusively to frustrations, goals, context or behaviors your audience has and can relate to.

This can be done by replacing individual words, paragraphs, imagery, numbers in your master Doc, and by selecting that only the relevant chapters of the master Doc are shown to the recipient.

Turtl's Personalization Engine helps businesses achieve this level of personalization quickly and easily across teams.

Benefits of Turtl’s personalization engine


Instead of using a lot of different documents and applying minor changes to them – which consumes a lot of time, energy, and produces low-quality outputs – Turtl’s personalization engine allows you to create one single ‘master’ document, which is subsequently tailored to your audience by filling out a form.


The more relevant your content and communications are to the recipient, the more willing they'll be to part with their attention and actually read them. Avoiding information overload also helps to create a more positive experience for the reader.

Better outcomes

Turtl's detailed reader tracking and analytics enables a better understanding of your prospects’ and customers’ interests. This allows you to prioritize the prospects most interested in your business proposition, and focus your follow-up on the products, solutions, and pain points their reading behavior has demonstrated to be most relevant.

Four steps to personalization

This is the main Doc that will be used as a base to enable personalization.

Step 2: Set up the Doc for Personalization

Define the content that can be personalized using tokens, personalization forms, and page rules.

Step 3: Create Personalized Turtl Docs

Personalize Docs with internal forms, reader forms, file uploads, or your existing client database.

Step 4: Gather Insights and Improve Content

Discover how users interact with each chapter of your Document – including interaction with videos, polls, and call to actions – which gives great insight into their interest and intent.

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