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Having issues logging in using SSO?

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If you’ve set up your SSO integration but are still having issues logging in using SSO, there are a few quick fixes you can deploy. Let’s look at some common error messages, what they mean, and how to resolve them.

Note: Please make sure you’ve followed instructions in our support article and that you’ve received confirmation that your integration is complete from Turtl before reading on.

Error message 1: viewer only

This message appears if you have followed a link to a Turtl analytics dashboard or the editing mode instead of directly to an SSO-protected Doc. Since viewers don’t have access to analytics or the editing mode, this prevents you from accessing the link.

To fix the problem, make sure you follow a link to the Doc directly. If you have a role higher than a viewer, make sure your email has been correctly added to the Turtl app.

Also, make sure that the email added to the Turtl app matches the email that is provisioned within the SSO provider you are logging in through.

Error message 2: sign in error

This message means that the user hasn’t been provisioned in the correct user group directory within the SSO provider.

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