Convert your Turtl Doc into a PDF

Learn how to download your Doc as a PDF

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To download your Turtl Doc as a PDF, navigate to the Contents menu within your Doc and select 'Download PDF'.

Turtl Docs can be downloaded as drafts and when published. Docs are typically downloaded as drafts in order to be reviewed before publishing. You can also choose to share the draft link of the Turtl Doc.

Private Docs

If your Doc's access settings are set to private, you will not be able to download your Doc as a PDF. This is to prevent unwanted readers from accessing secure information.

Gated Docs

If your Doc’s immerse pages are gated with a lead capture form, you will not be able to see these pages within the PDF. This is to make sure that all readers fill out the form to access the content.

A note about gifs:

If you add gifs to your Doc, by either uploading to a Surf page or an Immerse image widget, the first frame will be shown when downloaded as a PDF. This is because the PDF format does not support gif files and will convert them to a static image.

Please make sure the first frame of your gif is an image you want visible in the PDF.

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