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Learn how to share a draft of your Turtl Doc to gather feedback

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Sharing an unpublished draft version of your Turtl Doc 

When you create a Turtl Doc in Turtl it is saved as a draft until you're ready to publish it. You can share the draft version of your Turtl Doc with your team to gather feedback without the analytics being recorded or the Turtl Doc being indexed by search engines.

In the Turtl Doc listing, find the Doc you wish to share, click on the drop-down next to 'Edit' and select 'Share draft link'.

You can also access the draft link within the editor. Once you're in the editor, click on the drop-down menu and choose 'Share draft link'.

You can use the link provided to share the unpublished draft version of your Turtl Doc with your team to gather feedback before publishing.

Note: The analytics will not be recorded so don't share this link with anyone whose analytics you would like to see. To gather analytics, you will need to publish your Turtl Doc first.

Published Turtl Docs

Once your Turtl Doc is published, you can continue to make edits which won't be made live until you choose to publish them. You can use the 'Share draft link' to share the version of the Turtl Doc with your unpublished changes to gather feedback from your team. Find out more about editing published Turtl Docs here.

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