Add an image/video

To add an image/video to your Surf page, choose Upload from the Surf tab:

Now choose to upload an image/video from:

  • Your computer

  • From a link (URL)

  • Search for a new image via our integrated image library (images only)

From your computer

  1. Select Upload from the menu on the left of the upload window.

  2. Either drag the image/video from your computer into the area displaying "Drag your file here" or click Browse to select a file from your computer:

  3. Your image/video will be added to your Surf page.

Please note that the maximum file size is 10mb. Tip: The smaller your video is, the quicker it will load for your readers.

From a URL:

  1. Select URL from the menu on the left of the upload window.

  2. Obtain the URL for the image/video that you want to upload and paste this into the link text box.

  3. Press the Upload button.

  4. Your image/video will be added to your Surf page.

From the web

Turtl is integrated with Pixabay (a free stock images website), allowing you to search for images without leaving the Turtl editor. All images available here are licensed under Creative Commons CCO, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist - even for commercial purposes.

  1.  Select Search from the menu on the left of the upload window.

  2. Type in your keyword and press Search.

  3. Click on the image you want to use. 

  4. The image will be added to your Surf page.

A few things to bear in mind with video surf are:

  • supported file formats mp4, ogg and webm.

  • max size is 10mb.

  • needs to be a direct link to the video file, youtube, vimeo etc won't work.

Choose a fallback image for your video

If you have uploaded a video you will need to choose a frame for it to fallback to. This image will be used when generating the sharing assets for your Doc (this includes the animated gif and the website embed code) and the thumbnail image in the contents of your Doc.

Start by clicking the cover button.

Then drag the slider to the frame of the video you want to use.

Image Compression

Turtl automatically compresses all uploaded images to ensure that your Turtl Doc loads as fast as possible for your readers. 

Your image will retain its original format where possible, but may be converted to JPEG if a small enough file size cannot be achieved any other way.

If you find that your image appears blurry or low-quality, you can turn off our compression system by un-ticking the Optimise option.

However, please note when not using compression you should ensure that your image is optimised for web use. Uploading images that are over 200kb can load slowly for readers.

Additionally, you can use this service for optimising images.

Note: when uploading videos they are not compressed or optimised.

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