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Move widget to another immerse page

Move pinned widgets between pages within an Immerse section

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If you need to move your pinned content to another page in an Immerse section, you can do this by following the steps in this article:

1. Right-click or use the 3 dot menu on the widget you want to move

In the preview, you can either hover over a widget you would like to move and right-click it or hover over the top right corner of the widget and press the 3 dot menu.

2. Move the content to another page

To move a widget, select 'Move' and select the page you would like to send it to. The page will flip to the selected page and the widget will keep its pinned position on the destination page.

You can even move the content to a brand new page at the end of your Immerse section if needed.

If you want to move around an entire page make use of our great Immerse outline feature by simply dragging the page thumbnail at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Moving your content will place it on top of other content already on that page. If the content on the destination page isn’t pinned, it will automatically be moved to where there is space for it. If there is pinned content on the destination page then your moved widgets will be layered above/beneath the existing content. You can find out more about layering your content here.

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