You can move any pinned widget to another page within the same Immerse section as well as move all the pinned on the page. For more information on pinning read our article here.

1. Right-click on the widget you want to move

In the preview, hover over a widget you would like to move and right-click it.

2. Move the content to another page

If you want to move a single widget, click move and then choose the page you would like to send it to. It will keep its pinned position on the destination page.

If you want to move all the pinned widgets, click move all and select the destination page, or you can click shift to move it one page to the left or the right.

You can even move the content to a brand new page at the end of your Immerse section if needed.

Note: Moving your content will place it on top of other content already on that page. If the content on the destination page isn’t pinned, it will automatically be moved to where there is space for it. If there is pinned content on the destination page then your moved widgets will be layered above/beneath the existing content. You can find out more about layering your content here.

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