The Immerse pages sit under your Surf pages and contain your content. This is your opportunity to really engage your readers, by creating visually beautiful pages and including interactive elements, such as videos or sharable quotes.

Creating Immerse pages 

You can start to create Immerse pages for a chapter by selecting the Immerse tab within the editor. Toggle the immerse pages on or off.

Once your Immerse level is enabled you can select how many columns (1-5) you want to apply to the chapter using the drop down menu. 

Add content to your Immerse level by selecting edit content to access the Immerse editor.

Adding content 

Type directly into the editor or paste text to start your content 

Preview your pages 

Landscape view

Use the in-editor preview to see a landscape view of your immerse pages

Mobile view

Switch to mobile preview to see how your content will look on mobile devices (in portrait)

Aligning content 

Use the immerse grid to view your immerse level with a line-grid applied. This allows you to easily line up content across columns and choose to make images specific heights.

Formatting Text 

Your text automatically has your brand styling applied, making it really easy for you to create consistent on-brand content. Select from different heading styles and body text using the format drop down

You have the option to apply bold, italic, underline, superscript, bullet and number lists using the relevant format buttons. 

Change the colour of your text with the colour picker.

Apply different alignment of text within the columns using the relevant buttons 

Add visual and interactive elements to your content 

Use the Immerse widgets to add features to your immerse pages, such as maps, sharable quotations and images. 

You can span and resize your widgets across columns to create interesting and variable layouts. Find out more here.

Add links to your content

Use the link and unlink buttons to add or remove a link from your Immerse text. 

Use the drop down lists to;

  • choose to link to a URL, email address or surf page within your content using the link drop down 
  • choose how the link should be styled using the style drop down (styles must have been configured as part of your branding)

Add column and page breaks
Use the column and page break buttons to force a break in your Immerse content

Press continue to close the immerse editor and return back to Story.

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