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Learn how to use templates to speed up your creation time

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You can use templates that your team has created to speed up your workflow. This could be creating a Doc that follows a standard format or personalizing proposals for your readers. When you create a new Doc, you’ll be able to choose from the templates that have already been created, or you can start with a blank Turtl Doc.

Give your Doc a name, choose the correct theme and language then click 'Create' to get started.

A pop-up box will appear where you have three options:

  • 'Use case' templates are templates that have been created by Turtl’s design team. These templates show best-in-class designs for common content types. They’re a great place to start to see what’s possible. These can be adapted/built upon and saved in My company templates from the Doc list.

  • 'Company templates' are templates that have been created by you or members of your team either from scratch or using one of the 'Use case' templates. Anyone with permission to create content can create a template that will be added to this view. A template in 'My company' can be updated at any time from 'Manage templates' in your account settings.

  • Import PDF.

  • Start with a blank Doc.

Can’t find the template you need? Search the name of your template and it will surface.

Once you choose to use a template, you will be able to flip through to see how the Doc will look in its entirety.

Once you are happy with the template, click on ‘Use template’ and continue to edit.

Note: You can add a description to appear next to your template by adding it in the settings of your Turtl Doc. To do so come out of the template, select ‘Settings’ from the Doc's drop-down menu next to 'Edit'.

Once in the 'General' tab, simply add a description in the 'Description' box and click ‘Save’.

This description will be used when publishing the Doc and is needed for SEO and Indexing too.

How to save a Doc as a Template

To save a Doc as a template you will need to go to the Doc list, select the drop-down menu next to 'Edit', and then choose ‘Make a template’.

Adding Templates to Immerse pages

You can also add templates to each Immerse page. This can be great for saving time when creating new content as well as keeping the same style and layout on each page. It's an easy and effective way to build amazing content!

To add a template, simply hover over the Immerse outline in the Immerse editor and click the '+' icon.

  • You can add a new page group using the + at the end of the Immerse outline, or the + in between any page groups. Then select from the column count to see the existing templates with that number of columns.

  • Alternatively, if you wish to add a page to an existing page group click the + on any page to add a new page straight after the page. In this situation, it is only possible to add a template that has the same number of columns as the existing page group.

This will open up a popup window with a range of templates tailored to the Immerse number of columns. You can then pick the one that works best for you!

To learn more about creating templates in Turtl, click on this insightful article here.

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