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How to add and manage widgets
Reposition and resize widgets to change your Immerse page layout
Reposition and resize widgets to change your Immerse page layout

Find out how to move your Immerse page widgets in no time

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You can resize, pin, and move widgets (images, videos, etc) on an Immerse page in the editor preview windows without needing to access any of the settings menus.

Watch our video to find out more:

Where can you use drag and drop?

You can use the drag-and-drop functionality from the main preview window:

Or in the Immerse editor preview window:

How do you use drag and drop?

To use drag and drop functionality on any of the Immerse widgets, move your mouse over the widget that you want to edit and you'll see a grey border appear. Column lines will appear to help you navigate to the desired location.

Hold your mouse down on the widget and move it to the desired location. Once the widget has been dropped, it will automatically be pinned and snapped into the dropped position:

How do you change the width or height of a widget?

Use the handles on the widget border to resize to the desired size.

See more on resizing widgets here.

Using pinning

Widgets will automatically be pinned in place when you use drag and drop, or span the width of your widget over multiple columns. Pinning is also great if you want to layer your widgets or move them to another location in your Immerse pages.

See more on pinning here.


For layout inspiration, check out the Turtl Docs below:

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